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About Mark...

Mark R. Goyet is the son of Captain and Mrs. Raymond D. Goyet, Jr., USN. His formative years were spent in Sinton, TX. where he was a standout in football, basketball, and tennis. After high school, Mark’s love of country led him to enlist into the United States Marine Corps. Mark had plans to go to college, earn his degree and become a Naval Officer like his Dad.


Mark did not have to go to Afghanistan for what would be his final deployment. He had already completed tours in Iraq and the Western Pacific; and he had less than nine months left on his enlistment.  When the call for volunteers to join the 3rd Battalion/4th Marine Regiment, Mark called his Dad and told him he had to go for his brothers who did not come back, or who came back without limbs.


Before his final deployment, he returned to Sinton in March, 2011 to help his Mom, (Martha) celebrate her birthday.


On June 28th, 2011, Lance Corporal Mark R. Goyet fell in battle in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan during a firefight which occurred while securing a village. 


Mark’s extraordinary service in combat was recognized by posthumous promotion to Corporal, and with the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, with designation for Combat Valor, the Purple Heart, and other commendations.  

July 4, 2011, a flight brought Mark’s body to Corpus Christi, for his funeral and memorial service in Sinton, Texas.  Mark had moved to Sinton at age 7, with his parents and sisters.  He served as a support to his mother and family from a young age while his father was on deployment in the U.S. Navy.  He was the all-American kid we all remember from our own high school days; captain of the football and basketball teams and a natural leader whose classmates admired and followed.  “He was fiercely loyal.  He was dedicated to his family and friends.  He would give the shirt of his back to help them.  I like to think that growing up as part of this community also helped develop his character”, Mark’s father, then-Commander Ray Goyet, said that day.

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