Corporal Mark Goyet Memorial Foundation

USMC KIA June 28, 2011

Welcome to the official site for those interested in supporting, promoting, and continuing the legacy of Corporal Mark Goyet, USMC (KIA June 28, 2011) through the awarding of high school scholarships, providing financial assistance to notable veterans programs, and other worthy charitable causes. 

The Corporal Mark Goyet Memorial Foundation, Inc., was founded in honor of Mark Goyet.  Mark Goyet, a Corporal of the United States Marine Corps, enlisted with the Marines in 2008.  Although he had served two tours, including a combat tour in Iraq, and had less than eight months left on his enlistment, he volunteered to return to Afghanistan.  The call had gone out at one of the most difficult times in the War.  Mark recognized what his friends in the Corps would face there, and the need for experienced combat veterans at their side.  He determined to continue to serve with his brothers in arms.  He hoped to go to college, to serve again as an officer with the U.S. Navy, as his father had before him.  But protecting what was important to him would come first.  

​Tax deductible 501(c)(3) charity headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA.


Tax ID # - 47-2390328

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Annual Events

Sept. 10th 2021                     7TH Annual CPL Mark Goyet Memorial Foundation Golf Classic 

                                               Annual Golf Tournament at Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia                                                     Beach, VA

10:00  AM Registration

12:00 PM  Shotgun Start

JAN 22 2021                         Scholarship Opens

12:00 PM                              Submissions due 26 March 2021

TBD                                        2021 Husky Ruck 10K

                                                10k military ruck across the city of Portland, ME - participants                                                      will strap weighted packs to their backs and ruck 10k+ (6.87 mi.)                                                  on a route at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME. The route                                                  has a total ascent of 362.17 ft and a mx elevatnoi of 299.18 ft.

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